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Carne de vacuno

Beef meat is one of the key sectors of the Spanish meat industry because of its efficient and sustainable production. It is an innovative and internationally-oriented industry, based on the highest quality standards in the world.

The success of the Spanish beef industry is reflected in the exports amounting up to 170.000 tonnes; with a total value of almost 900 million euro in 2016.

In addition to the consolidation of the markets in the European Union (EU), in the past years there has been significant growth in third countries like Algeria, Hong Kong and Morocco. In third countries’ markets, it is considered to be an added value that the Spanish beef industry is based on the European Production Model (EPM), with the highest quality and food safety standards in the world, controlled by a traceability system, from the farm to the table, which guarantees food that is healthy, safe, and of the highest quality and produced with a low environmental impact.

This is why one of the main objectives of Provacuno is to develop an internationalization plan, mainly towards potential export markets for Spanish beef, such as the Arab countries that are already open for our products. However, our greatest challenge are the Asian markets that have a huge number of potential consumers and where income levels are rising, thereby increasing their consumption of beef. Vietnam, Hong Kong, China and South Korea del Sur are markets that we must enter inexorably in the coming years.

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