The extension of the rule in the beef industry


It is the formal recognition by the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Environmental Protection (MAGRAMA) of an agreement adopted by an agro-food inter-professional organization (OIA), for those cases laid down in Law 38/1994. This recognition is published by Ministerial Order in the Official Gazette (BOE).

The agreement is binding for all the producers and operators in the industry, whether they are members of the OIA or not, including with regards to the financial contributions required for the execution of said agreement.


On 25 June 2016, Order AAA/1024/2016 (of 15 June), was published, thereby extending the OIA agreement on Beef to the whole industry and establishing the mandatory financial contribution for communication and promotion activities in the domestic and the export markets; studies about domestic demand, production structure and the value chain, as well as projects related to the unification of the beef chain for a period of two years.

The extension of the rule generates a financial contribution for Provacuno that has to be used to finance the inter-professional organization’s own operations and the execution of different activities such as:

‐ The promotion of beef consumption and its image in the markets of Spain, the EU and third countries.

‐ Improving the knowledge and transparency of information in the beef market.

‐ Enhancing the quality and technological innovation of the industry’s products and the processes that are part of the value chain, by identifying and implementing innovations and technological improvements.

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