Valorization of by-products

Development of protein hydrolysates from bovine blood

The main objective of this project has been the establishment of the optimal hydrolysis parameters of bovine blood in order to obtain hydrolysates that allow its application and possible commercialization due to its nutritional, physiological improvement or palatability improvement characteristics.

The main results demonstrated the great potential of this raw material as a source of high added value compounds such as bioactive peptides, flavoring peptides, essential amino acids, or minerals such as iron.

Blood has been subjected to a hydrolysis process with commercial proteolytic enzymes suitable for consumption, resulting in the generation of a large amount of peptides of molecular size less than 10 kDa, which have proven to be very interesting from the point of view of their bioactivity and palatability. An important biological activity tested in vitro has been observed. In addition, a large amount of amino acids are released during the process, which gives the hydrolysate a great added value from a nutritional point of view. In this study it has been demonstrated that in the fraction with a molecular size smaller than 10 kDa, together with these bioactive peptides, other peptides with high flavoring capacity appear, while in the fraction with a molecular size larger than 10 kDa, other minority protein fragments and oligopeptides that have not been completely degraded are concentrated.

This study has made it possible to establish the optimum working conditions with commercial enzymes to obtain the maximum yield according to the final use for which they are intended and is very interesting as a starting point for a better understanding of the potential of bovine blood hydrolysates as an ingredient in new products.

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